Solutions and Service

Wifi WAN

Build a network by WIFI connections. No physical cabling is needed. It is easy to expand or modify the network.

Wireless Camera

Setup cameras in anywhere with mobile or WiFi connection. No physical connection is needed. Easy to setup and monitoring. 

Smart Kiosk

Connect your Kiosks onto Internet or VPN network via mobile or WiFi connection. Centralised management of your Kiosks' network on a single platform easily.

Temperature & PM2.5 Air Monitoring

Monitor the temperature and air quality in kindergarten or campus. Alert for teachers or students and stop the outdoor activities.

Fleet Management

Manage your fleet such as buses, taxi, trucks. It helps to locate the vehicles, analysis the trip or route. The data helps you to save the operation cost and expense.


It is a monitoring platform to provides you with the real-time data/ status of any persons, devices or vehicles. It helps you to manage your assets easily.   



Attendance is checked automatically if the person passes though the specific area such as the gate of campus. It is a contactless reader's solution in order to eliminate the queuing time for the reading of access card.

Security Tracker

Locate the visitors or vendors in specific area. Alert will be triggered and received by platform and mobile devices if entering into restricted area.

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