Remote Learning

Learning Management System

MyClass & TrainMe

A online self-learning system is designed for online learning for schools and internal training for enterprise. Online learning is being integrated into traditional face-to-face classes. 

From now, we can continues our training or learning wherever and whenever.

Online Tutoring
Design Book


MyClass is customised according to your learning plan and needs  which includes:

  • homework assignment

  • video learning materials

  • virtual classroom

  • online tests

  • learning forum 


Specific features designed for Convid-19's situation. Homework submission is always online for students. Teachers correct the homeworks on the web directly and return to students online without any delay.  


TrainMe is used to develop training modules, for example, to improve product or service knowledge when a new product or service is released or onboard training for new employees. Identify the resources that will help you reach the goals you set for your training program.


TrainMe can help you meet compliance and safety goals if you use it to deliver training modules that teach users how to meet compliance requirements. Use badges to track progress and reports to show that your organization is taking the necessary steps to be compliant.